Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sarah .......

Inscription on this marker is hard to make out. When we went, I was not properly prepared for this sort of finding. I will be going back with some cleaning tools to see if I can save the information on this headstone. This particular stone moved me and made me realize just what we do and the reason why. The elements are destroying this marker and those persons after us who may want to locate Sarah wont find her if something is not done. I know nothing about Sarah at this time, but hope to locate a family memember that is unaware of this issue and maybe we can do something...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Circuit Riders of Beaver Creek, Wichita County, TX

Front side of Memorial Monument
(Dedicated by: Vera F. Backus)
Vernon Marble and Granite Works
Inscription Reads:
In the memory of the early Circuit Riders and early settlers, who established the homes-the camp meeting grounds-the church-the school and the cemetary of Beaver Creek Community. This monument is affectionately and gratefully dedicated
Their Courage was reflected in the glow of their campfires, their faith and industy tamed an untamed land. Their love and devotion to almighty GOD pointed us Heavenward on that upward path, that leads to the Great Divide.
Backside of the Monument list the Riders:
J.W. Campbell S. O. Gafford F.N. Crutchfield
D. J. Powell A.B. Trimble G.C. Davis
J.T. Hosmer L.G. Rogers F.L McGeehee
A.P Smith T.J. Minnis E.H Cannon
Casey C.G. Williams G.R. Slagle

The following information was provided to me by Edward Powell in conjunction with the History of D.J. Powell.
Circuit Riding preachers Important to Pioneers, by Lita Huggins Watson

"In the days when travel was difficult in this sparsely settled area, some of the religious ministry was conducted by circuit-rider preachers. Since congregations were very small, they could not afford a resident pastor and shared a travelling minister with many other fledgling churches.
As the preacher travelled, he would preach on Sundays and perform marriages and baptize converts. Traveling by horseback, he stayed in the homes of members of the congregation. Usually he received a small stipend from settlements along his circuit, or regular path.

In 1960 a monument was dedicated to the circuit-riding ministers who served the Beaver Creek area in the southwest part of Wichita County.

Source, Iowa Park Leader, Vol. 20, Thursday, October 20, 1988- Happy Birthday Iowa Park 1888-1988 pub
1995 by Genealogy and Historical Society page 175 and 222.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graveyard Hunting

Going out hunting for stories and information today in the rain. I decided that since it wont stop, I would just join in. They say, "life is not about learning to weather the storm, but rather learning to dance in the rain." So I'm gonna go dance.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

William Earl "Billy" Hall 1950-1972

Death Certificate states that he died from a gunshot to the head.
Memorial Cemetary in Electra, TX