Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beaver Creek Cemetary, Wichita County, TX

Beaver Creek Cemetary
Established 1884
GPS Coordinates for the cemetary are Latitude: 33.90360, and Longtitude -98.92190.

Beaver Creek Cemetary is located off of HWY 25 and FM 2326 about 1.4 miles. The cemetary is on the left hand side and is in very poor condition. There are markers that have pieces missing and only partial names and information can be made out. As seen in the photos some markers are hidden under trees and the growth around them obstructs visitor views.

As I explore deeper into the cemetary and locate markers like the one above, I began to wonder if this marker was placed here under a small tree and over the years it grew and this has become the outcome. 
I don't  know who the caretaker if any is of this cemetary.
However, I plan on doing some research to find out.
There are two markers like this that the headstone is hidden in a tree where you cant see the information on the front. There are many that have brush grown up around them and you have to basically stumble over them to know they are there.  The grass is knee high and some of the markers have tumbled over and broken.   Many of the headstones that have fallen have been placed in a pile near the entrance of the cemetary.
In order for me to take this photo, I had to climb through a Cedar Tree. 

The only reason I even found the marker was because I spotted a Graveyard caretaker hopping across in front of me and I followed him into the tree to get a picture. I'd like to believe he was helping us locate hidden markers that I otherwise wouldn't have found.

The cemtary was created in 1880 by a group of Pioneer Circuit Riders which settled here. There is a monument at the front of the cemetary on the left side as you come in that describes there exsistance and on the back side list there names.

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