Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remembering Don Patton

Donald Lee Patton
 October 17, 1927 ~ November 18, 2009
Electra, TX

I first met Don in the summer of 2007 and at first meeting was hooked.  He was just one of the "Ole' Cowboys" that you only hear about in stories.  This folks was the "REAL DEAL". 

I had the priveledge of spending my Friday afternoons most days having coffee with Don and the other "Ole Cowboys" at the local coffee shop in Electra.... "The Whistle Stop".  I never got tired of hearing the stories they told.  Each time they told their stories, the fish got bigger, the horses got wilder, the fall's got harder and the laughs more enjoyable.

Don Patton was a hard working man and was not afraid of a little dirt or a little challenge. 
Anyone you talked to that had the privledge of crossing paths with Don will tell you that he devoted his time to teaching boys to be men and men to be "Cowboys".  He was at every football game, every basketball game and every event possible for his grandkids.  He cheered them on to victory each time, regardless of the score.

You only hear about "Real Cowboy's" in the movies or in the story books, but this guys and gals was the "REAL DEAL"
He could out rope any man, and ride any horse. 
Don believed in God and his family.

We miss you Don!